ERAF and Anita Kemi Dasilva Ibru Give Women What They Need To Succeed


ERAF is a non-governmental, non-profit charitable organization founded by Erelu Angela Adebayo. Known as the Erelu Adebayo Foundation, this organization has made it their mission to rehabilitate and aid vulnerable women and children in Nigeria. Erelu Angela Adebayo, wife of the former governor of Ekiti State, founded ERAF in 2001 with an eye to bringing social justice and success to women who have been widowed by the AIDs epidemic in Nigeria. Together, she and the ERAF board implement and run a number of different programs targeting the needs of widows, orphans, and vulnerable children in the area. Assistance is also given to the many households run by children who have lost both parents to HIV or other circumstances with an aim to easing their burden and providing the skills that older children need to provide for their families.


Women and older teenagers are evaluated and trained in appropriate skills that will allow them to generate a sustainable income. Since skills training takes some time, there are programs in place to aid the families while training is taking place. Hospice care is provided to ease the pain of the final stages of an HIV infection, and therapeutic food is provided twice daily to children who are malnourished or wasting away from hunger. There is also a scholarship program that gives a child everything they need to attend school, including uniforms and supplies. ERAF provides for the needs of the family while a widow or older teenager is receiving the training they need to successfully provide for their households in the future.


The Erelu Adebayo Foundation is run by a board of 5 notable women who also provide much of the funding through philanthropic sponsorship. The board includes: Erelu Angela Adebayo, Chairman and Founder; Anita Kemi Dasilva-Ibru, who practices at Ideal Eagle Hospital; Mrs. Ronke Okusanya, Executive Chairman at BSES; Dr. Olusola Bob-Egbe, Medical Director of Faratori Eye Center; and Agatha A. JohnPaul, who serves as the Programme Officer for ERAF.

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